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6 November 2019

Astarte's Cosmic Symphony, Palermo

BAM – Mediterranean Archipelago Biennale within the ÜberMauer exhibition, hosted in the Convento della Magione, Palermo, Italy.

19 October 2019

Astarte's Cosmic Symphony, Napoli

Exhibition at MADRE Museum, Naples, Italy.
Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee presents the exhibition, Astarte’s Cosmic Symphony, by Lebanese artist Zena el Khalil, curated by Marina Guida and in collaboration with the Galleria Giorgio Persano and the Fondazione Merz of Turin. 

18 September 2017

Sacred Catastrophe : Healing Lebanon. Solo exhibition at Beit Beirut.

40 day exhibition and multi-disciplinary intervention.

22 April 2017

Stories of Stories

Group exhibition at LAU Byblos campus + Panel discussion with Rania Jaber and Ginane Makki Bacho.

17 November 2016

Reading For Peace: Ras al Jabal, Aley

A one night event of literature, art and music curated by PEN Lebanon and Zena el Khalil.

26 June 2016

Classical Hindustani music concert - Masrah Madina

Join me and my teacher, Sudhanshu Sharma, for a Classical Hindustani music concert at the Masrah Madina in honor of World Refugee Day. 9:30pm

20 June 2016

Nāda Yoga workshop for Refugees

On June 20, 2017 World Refugee Day, with the support of the UNHCR, Zena el Khalil curated a full day program of yoga and sound healing workshops, and public concert for children refugees from Syria, Kurdish Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Palestine.

27 April 2016

200 RTY in Nada Yoga. Yoga Alliance, Rishikesh, India

I am now a certified Nāda Yoga instructor! Ready to share the ancient knowledge of sacred sound and subtle vibrations.


20 September 2015


Giving a TED talk in Hyderabad entitled: Can Art Change the World?

20 October 2014

From Mirfaq to Vega

Solo exhibition at Giorgio Persano, Turin, Italy.

7 September 2013

Exhibiting at White Box, NYC

Beyond The Cloth: The Kafiye Project, WhiteBox, New York. Curated by Hala A. Malak

1 December 2012

Love Will Save Us - TED Talk at TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Giving a TEDx talk at TEDxAmsterdamWomen. So so very excited and honored! Talk is called "Love Will Save Us." Dec 1 at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam.

10 November 2012

It's Not The End of the World

The Fondazione Merz presents the video installation Beirut, I Love You - A Work In Progress by artist Zena el Khalil, in collaboration with director, Gigi Roccati, as part of Turin's contemporary art fair- Artissima 19.The installation is rooted in el Khalil's poetry reflecting Artissima's theme this year, "It's Not The End Of The World", through a visual diary of home footage, documentary images and scenes shot between Beirut and New York City.

18 October 2012

DC ebook launch

Please join me at Busboys & Poets in DC on Oct 18 from 6-8pm at the Peace Cafe on 5th & K at the Cullen Room. More info on their website!

16 October 2012

NYC ebook launch

Please join me at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn on Oct 16 from 7-9pm for my ebook launch party. Slide show presentation, tap dancing TED Fellow Andrew Nemr, video screening and Lebanese wine :) More info + directions on their website!

8 September 2012

Le Corps Decouvert

Group exhibition at Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris, France

6 July 2012

Nowhere Near A Damn Rainbow: Poeticians Anthology

My latest publication under xanadu*- a collection of 31 poets who have performed with "The Poeticians" - a poetry collective who meet and share their work in Beirut and Dubai, edited by Hind Shoufani."Here in the Middle East, we are alive. And we might not always be the people you think us to be. We are nowhere near a damn rainbow, but we know we will eventually get there. Consider this book a manifesto. A triumph of the human spirit. Go on now, I dare you to turn the page." - Official Ziggy quote     

16 June 2012

"Arab Express" : Ziggy in Japan

Check out three of my pieces at the Mori Art Museum in Japan: Xanadu, Your Neon Lights will Shine (2010), Skip the Light Fandango (2010), and Peace will Guide the Planets and Love will Steer the Stars (2010)

27 March 2012

"Le Corps Découvert" at L'Insitut du Monde Arabe

From March 27 - July 15, 2012 Biftek and Big Balls will be on display at L'Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris, France. 

11 March 2011

"Strike Oppose" at The Barjeel Art Foundation

Please join the Barjeel Art Foundation in inaugurating its third exhibition STRIKE OPPOSE  Founder Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi and curator Mandy Merzaban will host the reception, which will feature artwork of renowned artists Sharif Waked, Kader Attia, Zena El-Khalil, Youssef Nabil, Ahmad Alsoudani and more.

14 January 2011

Beirut Love Attack

Beirut, I Love You book tour + Zeid and the Wings Concert + videos by Gigi RoccatiMilan | Turin | Rome : Jan 14 - 23, 2011* FRIDAY 14 : MILANO | "CONCHETTA" - CSOA COX 18* SATURDAY 15 : TORINO |CSOA ASKATASUNA * FRIDAY 21 : ROMA | SPA STRIKE* SUNDAY 23 : CIRCOLO DEGLI ARTISTI, ROMA

16 December 2010

All About Beirut

Espace Kettaneh Kunigk & Galerie Tanit present "All About Beirut" Dec 16, 2010 - Jan 16, 2011; Kunsthalle white BOX Grafinger Strasse 6, Building 44, 81671 Munich, Germany

1 December 2010

ZOOM: Contemporary Art Fair

ZOOM Contemporary Art Fair, Miami

23 November 2010

Beirut, I Love You: Q&A with Janine di Giovanni

Leighton House Museum

22 November 2010

Beirut, I Love You Q&A

SOAS Lecture

29 June 2010

Ou Ali Mama3ou Khabar

Solo Exhibition June 29 - August 13, 2010Block E, Geffinor Building, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

15 May 2010

Beirut, I Love You: Italian Edition

Donzelli Editore presents Beirut, I Love You at the Salone del Libro (Sala Azzura), Conversation with Francesca Paci and Marco Philopat, Book trailer projection by Gigi Roccati: Turin, Italy. 

10 April 2010

Beirut, I Love You: Swedish Edition

Published by Ordfront Forlag

6 November 2009

A'Salaam Aleykum: Peace Be Upon You

Paratissima 2009, November 6, 7, and 8, The Waldensian Church of Turin, 23 Corso Vittorio Emanuel II, Turin, Italy

20 October 2009

Golden Gates

Group exhibition of artists from the Middle East and Iran, October 20 - November 13, 2009, 46 Rue de Sevigne, Paris 75003

15 September 2009

Beirut, I Love You: Spanish Edition

Published by Ediciones Siruela 

29 July 2009

A'Salaam Aleykum: Peace Be Upon You

Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy July 28 - August 2, 2009Interactive sculptural installation with Ayla Hibri (live DJ set)

5 April 2009

Beirut Live

xanadu* is hosting an exhibition that brings current cutting edge Lebanese art and culture together for a one-night event in London. The event will also raise money for creative writing workshops for underprivileged children in Lebanon. Organized by xanadu*, Lebanon United, and Saqi Books.

22 January 2009

Hopes and Doubts

Group exhibition (Beirut and Turin) January 22, 2009 The Merz Foundation, Turin, Italy


200 RTY in Nada Yoga. Yoga Alliance, Rishikesh, India

I am now a certified Nāda Yoga instructor. Ready to share with you some of the ancient knowledge of sacred sound. 


Homage to Beirut - by Al Jazeera English June 22, 2009


25 September 2020


Spring will come, but it's the grieving process that will dictate when. An interview by Naima Morelli given after the August 4th explosion in Lebanon.

27 October 2017

Art Exhibit in Lebanon Takes on Civil War's Old Wounds (NEW YORK TIMES)

BEIRUT — Zena El Khalil's art exhibit has tapped into wounds that are more than 40 years old in war-scarred Lebanon. By The Associated Press.

21 October 2017

Beirut's Museum of Memory Opens Despite Challenges (HARPERS BAZAAR ARABIA)

The museum, which sat empty for over a year, is holding its first 40-day exhibition, which the lead architect told The Art Newspaper is a milestone in and of itself. The exhibiting artist, Zena El Khalil, highlights “the missing” of Lebanon’s civil war – inaugurating the bullet-ridden four-storey Art Deco building, which was used as a sniper post during the 1975-1990 war.

20 October 2017

When Does the Weekend Start (BLOOMBERG)

It doesn’t take much to threaten the delicate sectarian balance in a place where the scars of war loom large. By Rodney Jefferson and Donna Abu-Nasr

5 October 2017

This Lebanese Artist Paints with the Ashes of the Civil War (FAST CO.DESIGN)

29 September 2017

Beirut’s Art Scene is in the Midst of a Reawakening, Its Movers and Shakers Say (ARTNET NEWS)

The city’s cultural fabric has long drawn on a healthy artistic community living and working in, and invariably reflecting on, Beirut. By Arsalan Mohammad.

28 September 2017

How does a city ravaged by war heal and recover? (TED FELLOWS BLOG)

Lebanese artist Zena el Khalil has transformed a historic Beirut building once commandeered for violence into a sanctuary for art, bearing witness, healing and forgiveness. By Karen Frances Eng.

28 September 2017

Design Diary: Meditation for Peace (GULF NEWS)

A multidisciplinary artistic project focused on Beirut’s most iconic war-torn building, Beit Beirut, reflects on the will to transform the memory of violence into a catalyst for peace.

27 September 2017

Healing Beit Beirut (THE DAILY STAR)

Healing Beit Beirut through Spiritual Art by Maghie Ghali

24 September 2017

Promoting peace and reconciliation in Lebanon through art (THE ARAB WEEKLY LONDON)

What if her art could help bring recon- ciliation and peace to her violence- plagued country? By Samar Kadi

22 September 2017

La Foire de Beyrouth revendique sa liberté de ton (LE MONDE)

Nombre de créateurs exposés sont installés au Liban, pays connu pour son ouverture, notamment politique. Par Roxana Azimi.

Quatorze ans plus tard, le bâtiment est désespérément vide. Mais, depuis le 17 septembre, une belle âme est venue se frotter au (mauvais) génie du lieu. Après un an de négociation avec les autorités municipales, l’artiste Zeina El Khalil a commencé à y mener des rituels de cicatrisation.

20 September 2017

Sacred Catastrophe : Healing Lebanon (THE NATIONAL)

Zena El Khalil on how her exhibition at Lebanon’s first museum will lead to forgiveness, compassion and love by India Stoughton.


20 September 2017

Peut-on continuer à vivre et pardonner 17 000 fois? (L'ORIENT LE JOUR)

C'est dans la maison jaune de Sodeco que Zena el-Khalil, artiste pluridisciplinaire, présente « Sacred Catastrophe : healing Lebanon »*, un parcours destiné à ébranler l'amnésie collective, catalyser la mémoire et inviter au pardon. Par Danny Mallat

21 August 2017

Le feu et les mantras de Zena el Khalil (L'ORIENT LE JOUR)

Interview by Zéna Zalzal on upcoming exhibition Sacred Catastrophe : Healing Lebanon.

5 June 2015

Social Media in the Era of ISIS (THE WORLD BANK)

This post, which explores the social media landscape in the Middle East, is part of a series related to the upcoming 2015 Milton Wolf Seminar on Media and Diplomacy: Triumphs and Tragedies: Media and Global Events in 2014, which took place in Vienna, Austria from April 19-21, 2015. The 2015 seminar was jointly organized by the Center for Global Communication Studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, the American Austrian Foundation, and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

21 November 2014


The house is a witness: A TED Fellow makes art from the rubble of her homes lost to war

22 October 2012


Review of Beirut, I Love You. US edition.

14 July 2012


artist + cultural activist

28 February 2012


Lebanese interdisciplinary artist building bridges through glitter, faith and compassion. A blogger and publisher, she is also the author of Beirut, I Love You: A Memoir.

2 October 2010


BEIRUT — Take one of Beirut’s battered 1970s Mercedes taxis through the city center and you’ll chance across plenty of gold-plated names these days.

24 March 2009


Zena el Khalil was born in London of Lebanese parents and grew up in Nigeria. At 18 she decided to move to Beirut and in her first novel she recounts what life was like for her as a 20-something artist, environmental activist and blogger under the constant threat of war. During the July 2006 attacks on Lebanon she began writing a blog describing the daily Israeli bombardments, which received international acclaim. She joins Jane to discuss her continuing love of the city of Beirut.

19 September 2008


She turns the black-and-white photo of a militiaman into a glittery iconic figure combining a pinkish haze of artificial flowers, pearl necklaces and rubber dolls...

19 July 2006


As Israeli bombs rain down on Beirut, the people of the city are once again living with the horror of war. In an intimate diary, 30-year-old Lebanese artist Zena el-Khalil describes helping foreigners escape, the nightly rocket attacks - and how she couldn't leave her sick friend behind

17 July 2006


Today I drove through downtown on my way to visit my parents. I was driving alone and was a bit nervous. First time in a car alone since this whole thing started … But I had to see my parents. I came across a red light and stopped. The streets were empty, and I caught myself wondering why I stopped and didn’t just go through. Streets were totally empty - no other cars, no traffic police...


This Lebanese Artist Paints With the Ashes of the Civil War (FAST CO.DESIGN)

“We never had real reconciliation after the war,” says Zena El Khalil. Her art, made in buildings hollowed out by fighting, attempts to heal. By Katharine Schwab